Repair Economy Washington Website (Current Project)

Repair Economy Washington is a non-profit organization that simplifies repairs in Washington by providing an online map to help users find their nearest repair services and nurturing the repair community. Here’s how I volunteer to help make the map easier to use, the website more user-friendly and 9% more lightweight, and support the team by making web tutorials. 

Image: WordPress Portfolio theme

Portfolio WordPress Theme

This is a WordPress theme development project and it’s a part of my schoolwork. I used this theme to create my 2021 portfolio. The portfolio is blog-type and responsive to all devices. This project taught me about the core WordPress components and the processes needed to create a WordPress theme from scratch.  

Image: Seattle Collegian homepage

The Seattle Collegian website

The Seattle Collegian is a student-run newspaper of Seattle Central College. The website was launched in 2018. I joined the team in 2020 and was the first Web Manager to systemize web manager roles, make tutorials, reduced the site weight by 50%, and improve user experience. I also analyzed web analytics, suggested article trends, and trained the new Web Manager.