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Welcome to my portfolio!

I’m Gift Tanakan, a WordPress web developer with 5 years of experience. I use sustainable web design to lower websites’ carbon emissions and improve web performance for small businesses and those who put the planet and people first.

Featured Projects

Repair Economy Washington is a non-profit organization that simplifies repairs in Washington. I volunteer to help make the map easier to use, the website more user-friendly and 9% more lightweight, and support the team by making web tutorials. 

Out of the Box is a refill store selling home goods and personal care products out of a van. I built an e-commerce test site for the store where the homepage is 87% less carbon-heavy and the shop page weight was reduced by 69% of the store’s current Wix site.

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Type of Project


Out of the Box E-commerce Test Website


Repair Economy Washington Website, Washington Fair Trade Coalition Website

News Publisher

The Seattle Collegian website


Gift Tanakan Blog, Portfolio WordPress Theme

Type of Work


Craft a sitemap/wireframe. Design brand identity.


Install themes and plugins. Create pages and edit styles.


Redesign/optimize existing websites. Troubleshoot errors.


Maintain/update web tools. Migrate web hosts. Documentation.

Main Tools & Technology

WordPress | HTML | CSS | WooCommerce | Elementor | GenerateBlock | Divi | W3 Total Cache | Smush | Google Analytics | WP Google Map Pro | MailerLite


"Tanakan is very organized, efficient, invested and she knows her topic very well. During the process she communicated very well, and was very adaptable to my schedule, creating a video instead of rescheduling a meeting too many times..."
"...Gift instead jumped right in and set the bar for the Web Manager position higher than any of her predecessors have managed to attain. Gift rose to the occasion and then shattered my expectations time and again, and I cannot extol her praises enough..."
"Gift was fantastic to work with! She built out a map of our website and then made a proposed map. We talked through all the steps and she delivered on updating pieces of the site, adding different features where necessary, removing old information..."
"Not only did she come to me with suggested changes for the website, but often times she had already done the research, drawn out a proposed plan, and even created some drafts prior to presenting her plan to me, showing initiative, creativity, and great attention to details... "