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Image: WFTC homepage after being improved

Non-Profit | Improve, Support | 2021, 2 months | Website Link

Project Overview: 

Washington Fair Trade Coalition (WFTC) is a coalition working towards creating a trading system that is fair and sustainable. I volunteered in improving the coalition’s website by updating web security, restructuring the layout, and fixing functions. The website became more organized and simpler to navigate.

Table of Content:


Hillary Haden, WFTC Executive Director at the time, was the web manager and supervised me on this project. She gave me a list of problems she needed help with. I turned them into the project goals as follows: 

  • Security updates: Due to several hacking attempts reported, I should revisit security plugins and make a plan to make the site more secure.
  • Reorganize: Redefine the navigation menu, and make the vision paper (WFTC’s highlighted work) more accessible on the homepage.
  • Fix and add functions: Fix the errored Facebook feed, add a donate button, and add a function to publish press releases.
Image: WFTC homepage before being improved
Above: Homepage BEFORE being improved

Main tools & plugins:

WordPress,Open-source Content Management System (CMS)

Divi,Page builder tool

Notion,A project management software

Learn more about each tool.

Actions Taken:

  • Performed security updates and gave recommendations
    • The site already has a reliable security plugin. I blocked the foreign IP addresses with multiple attacks. It notified Hillary when hacking attempts occurred and she preferred to keep it that way.
    • Updated all themes and plugins. 
    • Disabled inactive admins and recommended Hillary prompt the current active admins to reset their passwords. 
  • Redefined the navigation menu and improved the web page structure
    • Rephrased the menu item from “Current Campaigns” to “What We Do”, which is more relevant to the dropdown items of the WFTC’s missions.
    • Moved sections, combined pages, and decluttered redundant content. For example, I combined multiple pages into one “Get Involved” page that shows options to become a member, volunteer, and make a donation. 
    • Turned the vision paper to be post content and added it to the homepage featured section for easier access. 
Image: Redesigned WFTC's Get Involved page
Above: Redesigned WFTC’s Get Involved page
  • Fixed the Facebook feed and added other necessary functions
    • Revalidated and reconnected the Facebook page with the Facebook feed plugin. 
    • Added a plugin for publishing press releases, All-in-One WordPress Migration for backing up the site, Imsanity to minimize images’ size, and PayPal donate button to drive donations.
    • Connected the contact form with the WFTC email address. Previously, there was no connection between the form and the email address. That meant WFTC never got any messages users submitted through the form.


I completed all the goals for this project. I also made extra tutorials that help with the web routine tasks. Hillary was satisfied with all the results shown below: 

  • Security
    • The website is more secure as it has a backup plugin. All plugins and themes were also up-to-date.
    • Hillary was informed of ways to keep the site secure.
  • User experience
    • As the menu items and call-to-actions are clearer, it’s easier for users to browse the website, engage, and search for what they want.
    • The web pages are more organized, simplified, and less cluttered. As a result, they are simpler to manage and maintain.
  • Professionalism and credibility
    • The site has no broken links or disconnected Facebook feed. Thus, it looks more professional.
    • The working contact form will build trust and credibility among the users because their messages will be received.
  • Additional tutorials
    • I made short video tutorials to support the web’s routine tasks. These videos will save the web admin time from troubleshooting on their own.
Image: WFTC's homepage after being improved
Above: homepage AFTER being improved


“Gift was fantastic to work with! She built out a map of our website and then made a proposed map. We talked through all the steps and she delivered on updating pieces of the site, adding different features where necessary, removing old information. I met with her a couple times to express what we wanted and she did a fantastic job building that into a reality on the website. I appreciated her research and input requests throughout the project.”

Hillary Haden – Former Executive Director at Washington Fair Trade Coalition

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