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Image: Gift Homsaen

Who I am

My name is Gift (Tanakan Homsaen). I’m a WordPress web developer adopting sustainable web design. Web sustainability should be a part of every website’s fundamentals. Not only because it’s good for the planet, but it also improves web performance, user experience, and accessibility—a win-win for all.

All work aside, I enjoy living a low-waste lifestyle with my husband and two cats. I love to go running in the woods and like doing dishes. I credit my organizational skills to dish cleaning.

What I’m working on

Volunteer work: I’m redesigning and optimizing the Repair Economy Washington website. Some sustainable web design practices I do include compressing and resizing images and caching files. I also give recommendations on ways to keep the web more sustainable moving forward.

Repair Economy Washington is a non-profit organization aiming to simplify repairs in Washington. Users can find the nearest repair service on the website, view upcoming repair events, and learn about different repair services.

Part-time work: I work with Michelle Miller, owner of a green branding, web design, and marketing agency in Seattle, MintyMade. My focus is on building a WordPress website for her online course, The Green Marketing Academy, which was originally built with Squarespace. 

I started by creating the course sales page. Now, I’m creating the blog page, homepage, and more. Our goal in moving from Squarespace to WordPress is to reduce the website’s emissions by choosing the development tools intentionally and adopting sustainable web design more intensively.

Examples of my past work

I built a demo e-commerce site for Out of the Box Eco Store, a low-waste refill store on wheels. I reduced the homepage’s carbon emission by 87.1% of the business’s current Wix homepage, from 1.4g to 0.18g CO2/page view. The page weight was reduced by 87%, from 4.48MB to 583KB.

While working as Web Manager for Seattle Collegian, my college newspaper, I turned the site from outdated, cluttered, and not very user-friendly to one that is more secure, easier to use, faster, and more lightweight. The whole site weight shrank 50%, from 15GB to 7.4GB.

What I look forward to

I want to contribute my 5-year WordPress development skill and experience to those who put the planet and people first. I also look forward to implementing more sustainable web design practices to minimize websites’ carbon emissions and improve their performance.

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