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Image: Gift Homsaen

Who I am

My name is Gift (Tanakan Homsaen). I’m a WordPress web developer focusing on building, maintaining, fixing, and improving websites. I also adopt sustainable web design.

Web sustainability should be a part of every website’s fundamentals. Not only because it’s good for the planet, but it also improves web performance, user experience, and accessibility—a win-win for all.

All work aside, I enjoy living a low-waste lifestyle with my husband and two cats. I love to go running in the woods and read books.Currently reading: The Minimalist Entrepreneur by Sahil Lavingia and How are you, really? by Jenna Kutcher.

What I’m working on

Building The Green Marketing Academy website: I work with Michelle Miller, owner of a green branding, web design, and marketing agency in Seattle, MintyMade.

I started by creating the course sales page. Now, I’m creating the homepage, blog page, and more. Our goal in moving from Squarespace to WordPress is to reduce the website’s emissions by choosing the development tools intentionally and adopting sustainable web design more intensively.

Past work’s highlights

What I look forward to

I want to contribute my 5-year WordPress development skill and experience to those who put the planet and people first. I also look forward to implementing more sustainable web design practices to minimize websites’ carbon emissions and improve their performance.

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